Results of Wasted By Election in New Mills

29 Nov 2010

A by-election was held last week in the Ollersett Ward of New Mills Town Council brought about by the untimely death of by Liberal Democrat Councillor Glynn Jennings.

The results were:

• Huddlestone (Labour) 314

• Longden (Conservative) 137

• Spoilt Votes 3

• Total 454 votes cast

• Total electorate 3350 - Turnout 13.5%

The Liberal Democrat group on New Mills Town Council decided not to field a candidate as there are only 5 meetings before full local council elections next May. The Liberal Democrats would therefore have been happy to work with the other parties to co-opt a councillor for the remaining period.

The cost of the election was approximately £3,500. Over 500 postal votes were posted out and three polling stations had to be manned from 7am to 10pm. The election of the new Labour Councillor Ian Huddlestone will have cost the taxpayers of New Mills approximately £700 for each of the five meetings he attends.

Parliamentary spokesperson Alistair Stevens, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Ollersett says:

"I am proud to be a member of the council of my home town. Members of the council give freely of their time and energy to oversee the work of the Council, and help in running the many groups and events it supports. In this time of savage cuts this irresponsible waste will mean less money will be available to fund facilities and activities in New Mills including the Heritage Centre, Torr Vale Mill Preservation, The Volunteer Centre, The Town Partnership, The Annual Bonfire, New Mills Festival, New Mills Carnival and many more besides. It seems a shame that the Tories and the Labour party could not understand that their actions will jeopardise our support for the excellent work of these local groups"