TIVERTON & HONITON BYELECTION Help the Lib Dems score a stunning victory on Thursday

The Tiverton & Honiton Parliamentary Byelection is <wbr>reaching its climax, with voting day on Thursday 23rd June.


Lib Dem campaign bosses report that polling returns show us just two percentage points behind the Tories - who have held the previously very-safe seat ever since it was created (majority last time over 24,000).


My wife Beth and I went down to Tiverton at the beginning of the election in early May - doing lots of leaflet delivery and canvassing local residents. Whilst at that point, it looked as though the Tories were still well ahead, there was a very warm feeling towards us as we introduced ourselves as Lib Dems - and as the campaign has progressed it has become obvious that this warmth has transformed into firm support.


But we haven 't won the election yet - we still need to close the narrow gap and that's where your help would be vital. If you would like to travel down to Devon, the Lib Dem HQs are as follows:


118 High St


EX 14 1JP



8-9 Mountbatten Rd


EX16 6SW


However, if you can't get down to the West Country but are prepared to work from home on polling day - phoning some of our supporters and reminding them to make the trip to the polling station - please phone me on 07836 373500 or email me on rayatkins.atkins@gmail.com and I will supply you with small list of Lib Dem supporters to ring up.


Hoping you can play a part in helping us secure a stunning success on Thursday'