Last chance to cut poverty by 2015" - Local MEP Bill Newton Dunn at UN Millennium Development Goals Summit

East Midlands LibDem Euro-MP Bill Newton Dunn and his MEP colleagues in New York last week urged nations of the world to "sprint to the finish line" in the race to meet global poverty-reduction targets by their 2015 deadline. Newton Dunn was one of the EU's official representatives alongside 150 heads of state and government at a three-day UN summit to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, a planetary roadmap to fight hunger, disease and maternal and child mortality, provide basic education for all and protect the environment.

1 Oct 2010

Ten reasons why Charles Kennedy should not join Labour - From Iraq to class warfare: why Kennedy must stay loyal to the Lib Dems.

Charles Kennedy, the former Liberal Democrat leader, has denied the accusation that he has discussed joining the Labour Party. But the story has the ring of truth about it -- certainly, many disgruntled Lib Dems would sympathise if he has -- and as the news originated in a post by my old friend Mark Seddon, former editor of the Tribune and one-time member of Labour's NEC, I'm inclined to believe that there's something in it.

24 Aug 2010
'I find myself in bed with Ken Clarke on an awful lot of things the public would describe as liberal,' says Lady Williams.

Shirley Williams: 'If you give up what you care about, you start dying' - At 80, Shirley Williams shows no sign of retiring. Not now the Lib Dems are finally in power - and sleeping with the enemy

Shirley Williams has just turned 80. Yes, there was a little birthday party, and lunch with her daughter, but nothing more. "That's enough to be going on with, thank you," she says. There's no time to waste for Baroness Williams of Crosby, now that her party's finally got a share of government.

14 Aug 2010